First Tesla Model Y Deliveries Begin in Japan [PICS]

Photo: u/willmistrot

Tesla launched Model Y sales in Japan in June, and the automaker is now delivering its first of the electric SUVs to residents to buyers in the country.

The first Tesla Model Y units in Japan have begun delivering, as seen in photos shared from the Service Center in Toyonaka, Japan (via Reddit).

Photo: u/willmistrot

The person making the post counted 13 Model Y units set for delivery at the location, and the pictures show them in multiple colors.

Photo: u/willmistrot

The base-level RWD Model Y has a starting price of 6,438,000 yen (~$44,699 USD), while the dual-motor Model Y Performance starts at 8,333,000 yen (~$57,856 USD).

Currently, estimated delivery timelines for the entry Model Y and Model Y Performance has deliveries set to arrive between February and March of 2023.

The first Tesla delivery center in Japan opened in Ariake last November, when only the Model 3 sedan was available in the country.

As it launched in Japan in June, Tesla simultaneously opened Model Y orders to customers in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Tesla is also partnering with an energy storage plant in Hokkaido to connect the site to the electrical grid using Megapacks. The company’s clean energy business has established similar projects in the U.S. and Australia.