New Hyundai Bluelink App Launches in Canada on August 19 [Update]

Photo: u/SilverFoxBerry

Residents of Canada will get an updated Hyundai Bluelink smart app starting on August 19, according to a screenshot of an email from Hyundai shared on Monday (via Reddit).

The Bluelink smart app, which offers features such as destination search, vehicle dashboard and more, currently works for users in Canada, though some in the thread noted that they’re looking forward to improved functionality.

In the email, Hyundai wrote, “Coming soon! Your Bluelink app will have an all-new look with all-new features. You will be able to download the MyHyundai with Bluelink app on August 19th.”

The email also adds that users not already enrolled in Bluelink should contact dealers. Additionally, any who are already enrolled but have forgotten their password should also call their Hyundai dealership.

The email doesn’t say whether the smart app will be available for Android users, iOS users or both, though it seems likely that it will be available on iPhones and Androids alike.

The news also comes just a month after Hyundai launched the IONIQ 6 electric vehicle (EV), set to hit production in Q3.

Hyundai plans to release 23 new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2030, and the automaker is said to be investing $7 billion into a BEV plant in Georgia.

Update August 22: A Hyundai spokesperson told Tesla North the Bluelink app “is currently going through the Apple Store approval process and will be released concurrently with the Android version. We hope to launch the latest version of Bluelink in Canada this week.”