Tesla Supercharger Opens in Vicksburg, Mississippi

According to Canadian Supercharger aficionado Marco (@MarcoRPTesla), the City of Vicksburg, Mississippi, just had a Tesla Supercharger go live earlier this week.

The new Supercharger is located at the Ameristar Casino & Hotel at 4116 Washington Street,
Vicksburg. It comprises a total of 12 V3 Supercharging stalls, each capable of delivering up to 250 kW of power output.

“We are excited to bring it (the Tesla Supercharger stations) into town and to put Vicksburg on the Tesla map,” Zachary Bergman, Director of Finance at Ameristar, said.

Mississippi is one of the more under-represented states on Tesla’s Supercharger map, so it’s good to see another location open up in the region. What’s more, Vicksburg is a major thoroughfare of the I-20 corridor, so the Supercharger should get plenty of patrons.

The 12 new Supercharging stations have been installed on the south side of the Ameristar casino property. Ameristar also held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a meet-up of local Tesla owners at the location on Friday to commemorate the new Supercharger.

Tesla announced as part of its second-quarter earnings this year that the company reached 4,000 Superchargers worldwide. The company operates more than 36,165 Supercharging stalls at these locations.

At Tesla’s annual meeting of shareholders earlier this month, company CEO Elon Musk also teased “some cool stuff happening on the Supercharging front.”

Update August 14: Edited to say this is not the first Supercharger in Mississippi. We regret the error.