Tesla Model Y in China Gains Extra Airbag, Joining Gigafactory Berlin

Photo: Tesla

Gigafactory Shanghai’s recent production upgrades have let Tesla add an airbag to the Model Y SUV, further increasing safety in the electric vehicle (EV).

Tesla’s made-in-China Model Y units are set to receive an extra far-side airbag as a standard, according to a Tuesday announcement from the automaker on Weibo (via CnEVPost).

The move is thought to result from a production line upgrade, and the company says the shift is meant to improve safety altogether.

model y airbag china

In the post, as translated from Chinese, Tesla wrote, “Safety first! The made-in-China Tesla Model Y has been equipped with ‘remote airbags’ as a standard to protect your travel all around.”

The airbag is inside the seatback of the driver’s seat, expected to reduce contact injuries between driver and passenger from side-impact accidents.

The Euro NCAP says around a quarter of all crash injuries are the result of side crashes, and half of the injuries result from far-side crashes. The NCAP also says far-side crashes are likely to be more serious.

Back in May, Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin also started producing Model Y units with this extra airbag. Fremont Model Y builds lack this extra airbag–but they include a right-side front airbag and a knee airbag not included Giga Shanghai builds. Confused yet?