Tesla Owners in Iowa Say They’re Being Targeted by Aggression: Report

A new series of attacks on Tesla owners has been gaining steam in Iowa, with other drivers showing outright animosity toward owners of the electric vehicles (EVs).

Tesla owners in Iowa are being aggressively targeted by other drivers, often being yelled at, cut off in traffic or blocked from using Superchargers, according to Axios.

One Des Moines resident, Suzie Stewart, is concerned for her son’s well-being and safety because he drives a Tesla.

In the car with her son last month, Stewart saw another driver make obscene hand gestures at them while the Tesla was passing, before speeding up to tailgate the EV.

Stewart says the attack was unwarranted, and the recurring issues are thought to be political or anti-environmental in nature.

Other owners from the Iowa Tesla Owners Club on Facebook also reported similar driver behavior, with one facing intimidation from other drivers frequently, and another nearly being driven off the road.

One Uber driver that drives a Tesla says one driver tried to run them off the road.

Tesla has become a symbol of the environment for many, which is considered a political opinion.

Some view CEO Elon Musk as a polarizing figure, so some of the attacks could be protesting against the leader himself.

DSM police Sgt. Paul Parizek told Axios he’s unaware of reports that allege an incident was prompted by an aggressor’s dislike of Tesla.

In addition, Teslas are considered a symbol of status, perhaps prompting some to oppose owners of the vehicle, according to one Owners Club driver.