Tesla Cybertruck Pricing ‘Will Be Different’ Than $39,900 Starting Price: Musk

cybertruck august 2022

Image via @WholeMarsBlog

Tesla CEO Elon Musk dropped a few brief notes about the upcoming Cybertruck, including the fact that it won’t be the same price as when it was first announced back in 2019.

The Cybertruck will be more expensive than when its pricing was originally launched in 2019, according to statements from Elon Musk at the automaker’s annual shareholder’s meeting on Thursday.

Musk said, “I hate to give a little bit of bad news.” Musk continued, saying the Cybertruck’s price “will be different” due to inflationary pressure and other issues over the past few years.

Still, he went on to say that the futuristic electric pickup would be “one hell of a product” and a “damn fine machine.”

Last year, some predicted price increases with Tesla’s removal of Cybertruck order pricing and configurations.

While it isn’t yet clear what the new pricing model will be, the original pricing release held that the Cybertruck would cost between $39,900 and $69,900, depending on which of the three models you select.

It’s also unclear if Tesla will abandon or keep the three-model approach, including a single-motor RWD 250-mile variant, a dual-motor AWD 300-mile variant and a triple-motor AWD 500-mile version.

The Cybertruck is now expected to reach volume production around mid-2023, said Musk at the Cyber Roundup, echoing what was also stated at Tesla’s recent Q2 earnings call.