Tesla Sales in Australia Could Double By End of the Year, Says Chair

U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla has gained a presence throughout the world, and one Australian official says the country is seeing more of the EVs than ever.

Tesla’s sales in Australia are gaining momentum, and the country could even double the number of the EVs on the road by the end of the year, according to a statement from Tesla Chair Robyn Denholm on Tuesday, reports Reuters.

In a statement at the Australian Clean Energy Summit in Sydney, Denholm said, “We now have more than 26,500 Teslas on Australian roads, and the momentum is there,” Denholm said at the Australian Clean Energy Summit in Sydney.” Denholm added, “I personally wouldn’t be surprised if we double that number by the end of the year.”

Currently, Australia represents only 1 percent of Tesla’s EVs on the road worldwide, with the automaker reaching 2.5 million global units ending Q1.

In Australia, EVs currently make up just 2 percent of new car sales, though Tesla’s Powerwalls have been adopted massively throughout the country.

Powerwalls are often used for solar roofing in Australia, and the country even has the highest rooftop solar uptake in the world per capita.

Tesla also has multiple Megapack battery storage stations throughout Australia, often dubbed the “Big Batteries” of Australia.

Still, Denholm says that the swift rollout of fast-charging stations is what the country needs next to help incentivize EV buyers.