DirecTV Backs SpaceX in Court Fight Against DISH Network 5G Plan

An upcoming Dish Network proposal could interfere with other satellite internet connections, and one more company has joined SpaceX in challenging the new bid.

DirecTV is now joining SpaceX in urging courts to oppose a recent proposal from the Dish Network to use 12GHz spectrum for an upcoming 5G network, according to a report from PCMag.

In a filing, DirecTV wrote, “A new mobile service in the 12GHz band would cause severe and widespread interference to DirecTV subscribers in all areas of the country, whether urban, suburban, or rural.”

The company also used a satellite consulting firm to back up its claims in a self-commissioned study called SAVID, which “made several conservative assumptions that significantly understate the indicated interference.”

According to SpaceX, if the Dish Network deal were to go through, Starlink would be rendered completely unusable.

Other companies, including DirecTV, are echoing the same issues.

Earlier this week, OneWeb also joined SpaceX’s Starlink in opposing the 5G Dish Network plan.

Additionally, more than 70,000 Starlink customers have rallied behind SpaceX in a petition against the 12GHz 5G plan.

Last month, Dish urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to halt SpaceX’s Starlink for moving planes, boats and RVs.

However, SpaceX has since been approved to use Starlink internet on boats, planes and moving vehicles.