DISH Urges FCC to Halt SpaceX’s Starlink on Moving Planes, Boats, RVs

SpaceX Starlink users using the service on moving vehicles and marine transportation should be dropped from the service, according to one competing company.

The Dish Network has urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to shut down unauthorized Starlink use on moving boats and cars, according to a report on Monday from PCMag.

Dish calls the activity illegal, noting that Starlink has yet to garner a license for moving vehicles such as cars, boats and planes.

In a letter to the FCC, Dish wrote, “The Commission should make clear to SpaceX that continued unauthorized mobile use of Starlink terminals will not be tolerated.”

The letter adds to a continuing saga in which Dish has noted that licenses for using Starlink in motion has not yet been acquired.

SpaceX announced Starlink for RVs last month, and the service has already received 30,000 orders. The feature was announced shortly after a new Portability feature that allows Starlink usage outside of a customer’s home address, anywhere service is available, for an extra fee per month.

While Starlink isn’t meant to be used while RVs are moving, according to SpaceX’s website, it’s not dissimilar from the applications getting complaints from Dish.

JSX also became the first air carrier to use SpaceX’s Starlink for in-flight Wi-Fi, a move unheard of from the company prior to April.

In the letter, Dish continued, “Specifically, SpaceX should be ordered to: disclose whether and how it can identify operations in motion on its system; demonstrably deactivate accounts that use its antennas when in motion.”

Dish claims SpaceX tells customers using Starlink in motion is not allowed, but the company does not enforce the matter, neither voiding warranties or taking action.