JSX to Become First Air Carrier to Use SpaceX Starlink for Inflight Wi-Fi

JSX flight

SpaceX on Thursday launched yet another batch of Starlink internet satellites into the skies, with one of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket’s landing for a 12th time.

Shortly after, air carrier JSX (formerly known as JetSuiteX) announced it would soon offer Starlink internet for its inflight Wi-Fi internet for its 77 30-seat Embraer jets.

“JSX is proud to be the first air carrier to adopt @SpaceX Starlink internet inflight, free for every Customer onboard. We’d call it the best Wi-Fi in the sky, but it’s actually the greatest Wi-Fi in the galaxy – coming later this year,” said the air carrier, sharing a short video as well.

JSX CEO Alex Wilcox told CNBC the deal with SpaceX includes service for up to 100 airplanes, and Starlink on flights is still pending regulatory approval. Wilcox says he believes Starlink will be approved by Q4 of this year.

Wilcox also noted a Starlink terminal is currently installed onto a JSX airplane right now for testing. He added, “the SpaceX engineers are unbelievable.”

Starlink on JSX “will be just like home, only faster,” said Wilcox, noting it will be free and accessible without any login screens.

Earlier this week, Delta Air Lines confirmed it had completed exploratory tests of Starlink internet.

Back in November, SpaceX was testing Starlink Wi-Fi on aircraft for in-flight internet. In February of this year, SpaceX was testing Starlink on Gulfstream jets, and noted commercial airlines would be a “priority”.

In October 2022, it was reported SpaceX was in discussions with airlines for Starlink internet, according to CEO Elon Musk.