SpaceX Talking to Airlines for Starlink Internet, Says Elon Musk

After announcing plans to take Starlink mobile earlier in the year, SpaceX revealed back in June that the company was in talks with “several” airlines about the prospect of installing Starlink terminals for onboard, in-flight WiFi.

In response to a recent tweet asking if SpaceX has any plans to make Starlink available on airlines, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company was still in talks with airlines on the subject.

Starlink is SpaceX’s high-speed satellite broadband project designed to provide affordable internet at viable speeds in remote areas.

Furthermore, Musk added that “if you want [Starlink] on your airliner”, you should let your airline know.

If the company is going to enter into the aircraft industry with its internet service, it will definitely need the support of the industry’s consumers.

Musk went on to promise “low latency ~half gigabit connectivity in the air,” once airlines take SpaceX up on its offer to install Starlink terminals on planes. We’ve seen time and again what Starlink is capable of, so that promise doesn’t seem too far off at all.

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell said Starlink would reach global coverage in September, and the service has been confirmed to exit beta sometime this month.

Would you want Starlink internet when you’re flying up in the skies?