Delta Air Lines Tested SpaceX Starlink Internet, Confirms CEO

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian confirmed the company had held discussions with SpaceX about its Starlink satellite internet service, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Bastian said in a recent internet its airline completed exploratory tests of Starlink, but did not go into details.

Back in February, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed the company was testing Starlink on Gulfstream jets, while noting he hoped to support commercial planes soon.

Last month, Starlink Vice President of commercial sales, Jonathan Hofeller, said the satellite internet service had 250,000 subscribers consisting of both consumer and enterprise customers. Hofeller said in-flight internet aboard planes is ripe for an overhaul. “The expectation has changed faster than the technology,” said Hofeller.

Recent filings have revealed the Federal Communications Commission has given SpaceX permission to test Starlink aboard aircraft.

SpaceX wants FCC approval to send 30,000 more Starlink satellites into lower Earth orbit.

Starlink internet is targeting rural areas, offering high speed broadband where previously unavailable. Users need a Starlink terminal to connect to service. These Starlink terminals were also sent to Ukraine to allow the nation stay connected amid the invasion from Russia.