Tesla Off-Peak Hours and Rates Have Changed at Select Superchargers

Photo: @GailAlfarATX

As Texas continues to struggle to keep up with electrical demands during record heat, Tesla has added a new discount to further incentivize drivers to avoid charging during peak hours.

Tesla is offering 50 percent off for off-peak Supercharging rates in Texas, as detailed in an email to customers in the area.

The news comes amidst record heatwaves in Texas, for which the automaker previously asked drivers to avoid charging during peak hours.

In an email to one customer, Tesla said “Avoid the rush and save 50 percent on your charging rates during off-peak hours at select Superchargers.”

The off-peak Supercharging hours in the Texas area are after 8:00 p.m. or before 11 a.m., likely to help the state’s electrical grid remain stable during expected power shortages.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also said the automaker plans to update its next software version to include a version of cabin overheat protection mode that lets drivers adjust the temperature at which the auto-cooling program activates.

Changes to Off-Peak Supercharging

Also, in an email to customers earlier this week, Tesla announced an update to Off-Peak Supercharging (via Reddit).

“Starting Tuesday, July 12, charging rates and off-peak hours will change at select Superchargers. Tap the Supercharger map pins on your in-car touchscreen to view current rates and off-peak hours. Navigate to your destination using Trip Planner and your battery will automatically precondition before you arrive,” explained the email.

Some Tesla owners noticed changes in pricing after checking out Supercharging locations in their vehicle. Tesla does not let owners see charging rates from the company’s mobile app, yet.

Last month, Tesla offered free Supercharging for Memorial Day in select states, Texas being one of them.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden’s administration hinted that Tesla’s Superchargers will likely open up to non-Tesla vehicles in the U.S. by the end of the year.