Tesla Model Y Becomes China’s Best-Selling EV in June



The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling EV in China in June, according to data from the China Passenger Car Association (via @42how_).

Tesla sold a total of 78,906 vehicles made at its Shanghai factory, and the Model Y alone sold 52,557 units. The domestic sales in China increased more than double compared to one year ago, and were up 145% compared to May.

Out of Tesla’s sales in June, the vast majority were sold in mainland China with a total of 77,938 sold domestically — while exports amounted to just 968 units.

The total amounts to Tesla’s most cars sold in China since expanding into the market, with the Model Y leading the charge by a longshot.

Tesla’s China-based rivals NIO, Xpeng Motors and Li Auto all saw record deliveries in June as the auto market bounced back from COVID-19 shutdowns a few months prior.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Tesla shut down production for a 22-day period and was forced to gradually ramp back up even after the break — due to supply issues, local regulations and a closed-loop output system meant to minimize COVID-19 exposure.

Tesla is planning to upgrade Giga Shanghai to a production output of one million cars per year, as detailed in a report last month.

Last month, the Chinese government placed a ban on Tesla’s vehicles, barring them from certain areas of Chengdu during a presidential visit.

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