Tesla Thanks Giga Shanghai Employees as ‘Closed-Loop’ System Ends

As Tesla prepares to finally end its closed-loop production system at Gigafactory Shanghai tomorrow, returning to normal operations, the automaker has shared a thank you letter with employees who have worked during the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Tesla sent a thank you letter to all of its employees at Giga Shanghai for their hard work during the closed-loop production system over the past few months, as sent to employees on Friday (via @bentv_sh).

In the letter, roughly translated from Chinese, Tesla says, “To every Tesla employee aboard the ship — Thanks to over 16,000 people [who were] superheroes stationed in factories during the pandemic.” The letter continues, “It is your perseverance and hard work that gives the factory a constant pulse and heartbeat.”

The letter also added, “in the next days, let’s set off with full power and go to the sea of the stars.”

The news comes after Tesla and other manufacturers were allowed by the Chinese government to begin operating again, in what was called a “closed-loop” production system — built to minimize the spread of COVID-19 amidst record surges.

The production system had employees sleeping at Giga Shanghai and nearby encampments, in order to remain isolated from each other’s shifts and to prevent the virus’s spread.

With Giga Shanghai ending its closed-loop system and ready to ramp up production again, Tesla launched Model Y orders in four new markets today: Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.