Tesla Shows Off Solar Trailer with SpaceX Starlink Dish [PICS]



Photo: @TeslaModel3Fahrer on Instagram (via @Tesla_Adri on Twitter)

Alongside Tesla showing off a cross-section of a Model Y with 4680 cells at IdeenExpo in Germany, the automaker had a trailer with solar panels attached at the event that also drew some attention. Now we have some more pictures of this unique solar and Starlink setup.

Tesla debuted a “show of concept” of a new range extender trailer this week, featuring a Starlink satellite internet dish and a few huge solar panels, as seen at IdeenExpo in Germany and shared on Instagram (via @tesla_adri).

The Tesla range extender was confirmed by a few employees as a concept, rather than a product that will be launched anytime soon, details Adri.

We can see the logo of Tesla Automation on the side, the German engineering subsidiary of the electric automaker.

Photo: @TeslaModel3Fahrer on Instagram (via @Tesla_Adri on Twitter)

The Starlink range extender trailer features a single axle with two wheels, and regular amenities found on a trailer like tools for maneuvering and planting the trailer.

Photo: @TeslaModel3Fahrer on Instagram (via @Tesla_Adri on Twitter)

The Tesla range extender trailer also includes a few internal compartments to house other necessary hardware for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet, and possibly for even more down the road.

Photo: @TeslaModel3Fahrer on Instagram (via @Tesla_Adri on Twitter)

The solar range extender currently does not have any internal storage, though the company could also easily add something like this to the trailer in a future product launch.

These portable solar-powered trailers for Starlink offer a wide variety of use cases. It’s unclear if this product or concept will ever be offered for sale to customers or businesses.

The news comes under a week after SpaceX gained approval in the U.S. from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use in moving boats, planes and trucks.

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