Tesla China Highlights Over-the-Air Software Updates [VIDEO]



In a recently published YouTube video, Tesla Greater China highlighted the company’s Over-the-Air (OTA) update system.

Tesla uses “OTA updates that evolve in real-time to ensure every car on the road is infused with the latest technology,” the company wrote in the video description.

The video showcases that beyond being fully electric and not giving off any emissions, Tesla vehicles really are computers on four wheels. OTA updates are also how Tesla is constantly improving Full Self-Driving (FSD), which is currently in beta.

In the video, Tesla China included interviews with Chinese Tesla owners who shared accounts of how they have benefitted from the company’s OTA updates. One Tesla owner talked about Joe Mode, a feature Tesla shipped via OTA updates that lowers the volume of in-car alerts and notifications, and how it helps her child take uninterrupted naps in transit.

Another Tesla owner talked about how he and his daughter sing their favorite songs in the car using the TeslaMic karaoke feature the company rolled out via OTA updates in China earlier this year.

Check out the full video from Tesla China below:

According to the video, Tesla cars all over the world have received thousands of OTA updates over the last 10 years. The company currently also releases new ones every two weeks or so.

This past weekend alone, Tesla rolled out a new OTA update that brings a new Green Traffic Light Chime and more to its EVs.

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