Tesla Launches ‘TeslaMic’ in China for Karaoke: Here’s How it Works[VIDEO]

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As part of Tesla’s upcoming 2022.2.1 software update for its customers in China, to celebrate Chinese New Year beginning on February 1, the automaker launched a new accessory called TeslaMic.

As spotted by @Teslascope, you get two microphones for 1,199 RMB ($188 USD), which lets you sing karaoke in your Tesla with KTV. The Tesla website is not loading the product link, which looks to be due to overwhelming demand for the microphones, which come with blue and purple lights to distinguish them in low light.

“An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.466d117.1643356849.68b2780,” reads the Tesla China website, at the time of writing.

Teslamic china

Image via @Teslascope

In the video below shared by Tesla China, you can see an overview of the 2022.2.1 software update and also a demo of these TeslaMics with KTV. There’s no word if these will make it to the United States, but recently it was discovered Tesla had filed trademarks to make headphones and other audio products.

Tesla’s 2022.2.1 software update also includes a custom car color feature, also seen in the video above.