How Tesla’s New Custom Car Color Feature Works; App Code Hints U.S. Debut Possible [VIDEO]

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Earlier today it was revealed Tesla is set to launch its 2022.2.1 Lunar New Year software update in China, which offers a new feature that lets you customize the color of your car and more.

@Teslascope shared a video this evening showcasing how the new custom car color feature works. The video looks to be from Tesla China itself.

Under Toybox, there’s a new tab for the custom car color feature. From here, you just select the color you wish and the Tesla shown in your display will reflect your choice. With version 4.5.0 of Tesla’s mobile app, your custom color choice will automatically sync to your phone.

Check out the video below:

According to @Tesla_App_iOS, version 4.5.0 of the Tesla app in the U.S. contains the “underlying code that allows” the functionality, suggesting the feature will eventually make its way outside of China and to United States.

Update: Here’s a better video shared by Tesla China, which we’ve shared to YouTube so you can watch it below:

YouTube video