Tesla to Upgrade Giga Shanghai to Reach Goal of 22,000 Cars/Week: Report

Photo: Tesla China HR (via @42how_)

Tesla’s Model Y production line in Shanghai is getting a capacity upgrade, though it will cause the factory to pause most production for it to be possible.

Tesla is halting production and renovation plans from July 1 to July 4 to expand the Model Y production line to a daily capacity of around 2,000 units, according to a letter from the automaker’s human resources department (via @42how_).

The letter explains that the power needs to be shut down for the entire plant, and it gives instructions for those in various positions at Tesla.

In the letter, as translated from Chinese, Tesla instructs employees as follows,

“Front line employees: rest according to the production plans.

Office employees on daily shifts: Arrange annual leave/sabbatical leave, work from home or, or work at an off-site office location, such as RDC/TC, according to actual work needs

Follow-up line supervisor/engineer: In principle, work and rest with the front-line employees of the shift they follow. If necessary, they can work from home, or work at an off-site office, such as RDC/TC.

All attendance, annual leave, home office or off-site office shall be arranged and approved by the person in charge of each department according to business needs.”

The news comes after a 22-day production halt in April caused Tesla’s Shanghai output to drop significantly, along with most other automakers based in China.

According to Reuters, however, the publication says an internal memo says Tesla plans to shut down most production in the first two weeks for upgrades, to meet its goal of 22,000 cars produced per week. It’s unclear how the publication’s title and timeline of the shutdown differs.

Since mid-June, Tesla has been producing 17,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, says Reuters, according to a previous memo it obtained.

Tesla ended its “closed-loop” production system at Giga Shanghai earlier this month, and it also sent a thank-you letter to employees.