Watch a Tesla Model Y Police Cruiser Chase a Ford Mustang [VIDEO]



Photo: Night Dogs on Facebook

Logan City police in Ohio have a new Tesla Model Y cruiser, received only last year, and saw a high-speed pursuit in the electric vehicle (EV) last month.

A new video shows a Tesla Model Y police cruiser chasing down a gas Ford Mustang outside of Columbus, Ohio, as seen posted on Facebook last week (via Reddit).

The video begins with a traffic stop from speeding, made at around 8:40 a.m. on May 22 by a Logan City Police Department officer, according to the post.

During the traffic stop, a female passenger exits the vehicle, to which the officer responds by asking her to get back in the car.

When she approaches the passenger side door, the Mustang driver takes off with the Model Y following suit.

The chase lasts around 30 minutes, spanning between 40 and 45 miles to Columbus, Ohio at the US-33/I-270 junction where the pursuit was terminated without the driver being caught.

While the suspect is still at large and is under investigation, the female passenger has added that she wants to report her car, the Mustang, stolen.

The Model Y seems to have kept up well with the Mustang for the most part, and even had the driver trapped at a one-way at one point before escaping–maybe to prevent damaging the Model Y? The officer appears to keep a safe distance from the Mustang in the pursuit.

Check out the full video below:

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