Tesla Exporting First Cars from Giga Shanghai Since Reopening

After Tesla’s 22-day production halt at its Gigafactory Shanghai, the automaker is officially exporting cars once again after not exporting any in April.

Tesla exported its first vehicles from Gigafactory Shanghai since reopening, a 4,767 car shipment headed for Slovenia, according to Reuters.

Originally reported by China-backed newspaper the Shanghai Observer, the shipment left on the Glovis Splendor vehicle carrier, set to arrive in the Slovenian port of JKoper.

In the report, the Observer wrote, “Tesla was in a big hurry to load cars freshly off the production lines onto the vessel yesterday afternoon.”

Tesla also said it plans to ship another 4,100 cars on Friday, adding that the automaker plans to export 300,000 vehicles from Shanghai by the end of the year.

As Tesla continues ramping up production to return to normal output levels at the Shanghai Gigafactory.

In April, Tesla’s sales dropped 98 percent, selling only 1,512 vehicles and producing only 10,757.

Tesla restarted production at Giga Shanghai with employees sleeping at the factory last month, in what the city called a “closed-loop” production output system.

After a report came out earlier this week saying Tesla halted production once again, Tesla denied the rumor. Instead, Tesla plans to resume double shifts at Giga Shanghai later this month.