German-Made Tesla Model Y Performance Hits the Nürburgring [VIDEO]



Photo: Top Speed Brothers

Tesla is already ramping up production at its new Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, and with the first few weeks of deliveries beginning to go out, one driver has taken a Tesla out to the local race track.

Top Speed Brothers shared a video on Monday documenting the first German-made Tesla Model Y Performance to hit the Nürburgring race track in Germany (via InsideEVs).

In the video, the Model Y Performance is seen taking laps at the Nürburgring track using a driver’s point-of-view cam.

The video also notes that the Model Y Performance SUV was one of the first to come off the German production line, after the factory officially became operational earlier this year.

Last month, Tesla said Giga Berlin was targeting a production of 1,000 Model Y vehicles every week by the end of April.

Tesla shared a video in March showing how a Tesla Model Y is made at Giga Berlin, and it’s fairly telling.

As to the Performance variant’s speed, the Model Y shows off some impressive lap times, and despite being Tesla’s least-track-ready vehicle, it still appears pretty quick and handles decently.

You can watch the full video of a German-made 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance at Nürburgring raceway from Top Speed Brothers here.

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