Tesla Wants to Expand Giga Berlin Site by 100 Hectares, Says Report

Photo: RBB 24

As Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg ramps up production, the automaker is already eyeing some expansion plans to give the company easier access to railways.

Tesla wants to expand its Grünheide, Germany factory by another 100 hectares to build a freight station and storage areas, according to a report from RBB 24.

Sources familiar with the matter told RBB that Tesla will purchase land directly to the east of the Gigafactory, between the RE1 railroad and the L23 and L38 state roads.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg takes up around 300 hectares of land already, and it’s one of the largest commercial properties in Brandenburg.

In 2020, Tesla said it hoped to have as many suppliers as possible deliver to the factory by train, so it makes sense that the automaker would build out a freight station for shipping and receiving.

It’s not yet clear what price Tesla is planning to pay for the expansion, though if the charge is about the same as the pricing for the initial 300 hectares, the project would cost around 13 million euros ($13.7 million).

Construction wouldn’t start until at least June 2023, and Tesla still faces a few barriers before it can expand.

Tesla must also gain approval for the new expansions and modify the original development plans with the Grünheide municipal council.

The automaker also needs approval from water company Strausberg-Erkner, which tends to be tough on new water projects, due to lack of water in the region.