Hands-On: Tesla’s Swivel Display in Model S Plaid; No Retrofits for Now [4K VIDEO]

After seeing Tesla finally deliver a Model S refresh with its left-right motorized tilt display, we now have a high-quality 4K hands-on with the feature, thanks to OCDetailing.

The tilt display can be accessed by going to Controls > Display. From here, you can tap left, right or center, and the display will move in the direction you choose.

YouTube video

It was recently discovered by Munro Live that existing Model S and Model X vehicles have the hardware for the tilt display, but not motors for the feature to work.

Will Tesla offer a retrofit for the tilt display for existing Model S and Model X refresh owners? One Model S refresh owner Leanne N. shared on Facebook that Tesla told her a retrofit is not available “at this time”. Take this for what it’s worth for now, but it’s possible Tesla may introduce a retrofit at a later date (maybe there’s been a supply chain constraint on parts).

Tesla also has its Model S with tilt display for visitors to see at its showrooms in Taiwan right now.