Sandy Munro’s New Favorite is the 2022 Tesla Model X [VIDEO]

Photo: Munro Live

Just weeks after the first 2022 Tesla Model X Refresh deliveries hit Canada, one of the foremost automotive experts has gone hands-on with the new SUV.

Sandy Munro shared his early thoughts on a new Tesla Model X Long Range on Friday, checking out the vehicle that belongs to Full Self-Driving beta testers and YouTube channel owner DirtyTesla.

To start, Sandy and Chris look at the vehicle’s interior, before moving on to the exterior and before taking the vehicle for a drive.

The Model X includes a steering yoke just like its Model S refresh sibling, which Munro is a fan of.

Munro says the back seats of the Model X actually feel better than those in the Model S. He also applauds the luxurious finish of the interior.

In the video, Munro says, “I’ve changed my mind on what is the best car. I’ve decided to move away from the Model S Plaid. Don’t send hate mail — I like this better.”

Chris says that the Model X with the same specs is currently around $120,000, with base Autopilot and not including the automaker’s Full Self-Driving (FSD).

During the test drive of the vehicle, Munro notes how well the Model X handles, even at high speeds on the freeway.

You can watch Sandy’s full discussion of the Tesla Model X with Chris from DirtyTesla below.

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