First 2022 Tesla Model X Refresh Deliveries Hit Canada

Tesla model x refresh richmond

Image via Alfred Wang 

Tesla has kicked off 2022 Model X refresh deliveries in Canada, as seen by images shared on Facebook by Alfred Wang.

According to Wang, the Tesla location in Richmond, B.C., had three Model X refresh vehicles to deliver today. The vehicles were roped off and balloons adorned the inside of the sales center to celebrate the event. It’s unclear if the deliveries were taking place today or tomorrow.

Alfred told Tesla North when he arrived at the Richmond Tesla location, a Model X Plaid had already been delivered, while two Model X AWD builds were still in the showroom. He is still awaiting delivery of his own Model X Plaid.

Tesla model x refresh canada

Image via Alfred Wang 

Back in December, Tesla stopped taking orders of the Model S and Model X refresh outside of North America, citing they were in the process of “scaling up production”.

According to TMC forum member ‘Dagna1’, the user took delivery of a Midnight Silver Metallic Model X Plaid from the Tesla location in Vaughan, Ontario, back on Thursday.

“Picked up my [Midnight Silver Metallic] plaid at Vaughan today, smooth and quick. I didn’t notice any obvious defects externally, I checked pretty thoroughly. Didn’t get to drive it yet though. Had it taken on a flatbed to get [paint protection filmed] right away. Another 5 days to wait before I get to finally try it out!”, said ‘Dagna1’, who said they ordered back on March 28, 2021.

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