Tesla Updates Website to Include Charging Options at Checkout

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After dropping the price of its Mobile Connector to $200 (that includes both a NEMA 14-50 and 5-15 adapter) and Wall Connector to $400, Tesla has also updated its website to include these charging options for purchase at check out (via @WholeMarsBlog).

According to Tesla’s website, scrolling down past Full Self-Driving, you’ll see an option for Charging, that lists the Wall Connector and Mobile Connector (estimated delivery date of August to October 2022).

Tesla says its Wall Connector is its “recommended home charging solution”, while the Mobile Connector is “useful when away from home on extended trips.” Tesla makes it clear installation is required and not included for the Wall Connector.

The automaker decided earlier this month it would no longer include a basic Mobile Connector to allow customers to charge at home from a regular wall outlet, a decision that has drawn criticism from its customers.

Tesla clearly has supply chain constraints with its Mobile Connector as the reason for not including it with new cars, and new purchases aren’t shipping until later this fall.