2022 GMC Hummer EV Sold for $260,420–More Than 2x the Sticker Price

The first round of reviews for the GMC Hummer electric vehicle (EV) hit the web this month, with some of them even selling for as much as $250,000.

Bidding wars over GMC’s Hummer EV saw two of the electric pickups selling for over $250,000 each, one of which sold for $260,420, according to electrek.

The price is staggering, given the fact that the vehicle’s starting price for the base-level variant that’s coming in 2024 is just $80,000, while the currently available model starts at $112,000.

To be sure, the Hummer EV’s demand is super high, with GMC reporting over 65,000 reservations for the electric Hummer.

GM also only delivered around 99 units of the EV in Q1, so dealership auctions have become a chaotic web of high bids — with the top-selling Hummer EV going for $260,420.

The Hummer was an Edition 1 that sold with just 85 miles on the odometer, both helping to push the price even higher.

As a result of high demand, GM is set to increase production of the Hummer EV, though many customers still won’t receive their units until around 2024. It remains to be seen if Hummer EV production can meet demand and actually deliver to customers.

The Hummer EV also features a 329-mile range, with a battery that outweighs a Honda Civic.