GMC to Increase Hummer EV Production, Reservations Surpass 65,000

Photo: General Motors

GM plans to increase production of the electric Hummer as reservations surpass 65,000 units, according to CNBC.

The GMC Hummer EV can already be purchased, though high levels of demand make it likely that customers won’t receive their orders until around 2024.

Despite the fact that the number of reservations is more than initially expected, with a whopping 95 percent of reservations being turned into actual orders, GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred also says the company is ahead of its original production schedule.

During a media event, Aldred said, “Production’s actually slightly ahead of plan and we’re putting things in place now to actually expedite that as well, so we can deliver these reservations quicker than we originally thought.” Aldred continued, “We’re seeing momentum building.”

The GMC is set to begin arriving in 2023, with the vast majority of orders preferring the pickup variant over the SUV variant, largely because it was unveiled earlier.

Early test drives of the Hummer EV seem promising, as several other companies also begin unveiling their first electric pickups.

It’s no surprise that EV batteries make the vehicles far outweigh traditional vehicles, but the GMC Hummer EV’s battery impressively weighs more than an entire Honda Civic with its 329-mile range.