Tesla Issues 2021-22 Model X Recall Over Front Row Curtain Airbag Issue

Prior to Tesla issuing an expanded “recall” for its Boombox feature, the company also issued a recall notice for the 2021-2022 Model X refresh, related to front row curtain airbags.

Tesla says the issue affects potentially 7,289 Model X vehicles. “On certain affected vehicles, when the corresponding [left hand] or [right hand]-side front-row window is lowered, the [left-hand] or [right-hand]-side front-row curtain airbag may interact with the a-pillar trim during deployment,” explains the recall.

The automaker will replace these front row curtain airbags for free on all affected vehicles. Tesla says the issue is covered under warranty.

“The replacement airbag includes extended tabs that will allow the airbag to be rolled with more inboard deployment trajectory. Testing on the replacement airbag confirmed that its performance complies with FMVSS 226, S4.2.1”, noting the new airbag was introduced in production on April 2, 2022.

Tesla says it discovered the issue in December 2022, during A-pillar development testing and further investigated the issue. The company tested the airbags and on April 1, 2022 a recall determination was made.

Entry Model X orders are currently seeing an estimated delivery date of December 2022, starting at $129,990 USD.