Tesla Now Accepting Questions for Q1 2022 Earnings Call

Photo: SayTechnologies.com

Nearly 700,000 Tesla shareholders are asking questions for an upcoming Q&A, as can be seen on a ranked-choice voting forum for the investors.

Questions from Tesla’s shareholders for the upcoming Q1 earnings Q&A session can now be seen in a forum at SayTechnologies.com.

The site includes an upvoting system for shareholders to vote for their favorite questions and displays a total amount of votes and Tesla shares represented per question.

The Q&A is set to take place on April 20 at 3:30 p.m. M.D.T., and management will respond to the top questions during the Q&A session.

According to the information tab on the forum, there are a total of 696,000 participants in the Q&A thus far, representing a total of 74,973,000 shares in Tesla.

In sum, the forum includes 1,756 questions at the time of writing, with just under a week until the event.

The current top voted questions as of writing:

  • Is there a proposed stock split ratio?
  • How does Tesla plan to secure raw materials required to scale to extreme size?
  • What is the goal for the next 5 years?

Tesla earned $17.71 billion in revenue and $2.32 billion in net income in Q4 2021, as detailed in the automaker’s last earnings call.