Lucid Air Grand Touring Deliveries Start, Performance Version Unveiled for $179,000

Lucid Motors on Tuesday announced the start of customer deliveries for the Lucid Air Grand Touring, and also unveiled the new Grand Touring Performance model that is slated to go into production later this spring. Lucid had previously teased the Grand Touring Performance on Monday.

“The Lucid Air Grand Touring epitomizes the promise of the Lucid brand — a triumvirate of stellar driving dynamics, industry-leading range and efficiency, and luxurious interior space,” said Peter Rawlinson, Lucid’s CEO and CTO.

“This unparalleled fusion of strengths is the product of Lucid’s ground-breaking in-house technology, like our miniaturized drive units with unrivaled power density and race-proven 900V+ battery and power architecture.”

Check out some key specifications for the Lucid Air Grand Touring and the Grand Touring Performance, which Lucid says is “optimized for acceleration”:

Lucid Air Grand Touring

  • Base price: $139,000 USD
  • EPA Range: 516 miles with 19” AeroRange wheels/tires
  • Horsepower: 819
  • 0-60mph: 3.0 seconds
  • 1/4 mile: 10.8 sec/133 mph
  • Top speed: 168 mph
  • Miles/Time Fast-Charge DC: 300 miles in 20 minutes
  • Peak charging speed: 1,200 mph

Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance

  • Base price: $179,000 USD
  • EPA Range: 446 miles
  • Horsepower: 1,050
  • 0-60mph: 2.6 seconds
  • Top speed: 168 mph

The Performance version costs $40,000 more for a slight boost in 0-60 mph times and also comes with slightly less range.

The Grand Touring was originally scheduled to launch in Q2 2021, but the electric vehicle (EV) startup eventually delayed its entire lineup. Lucid didn’t begin delivering cars to customers until October 2021.

Regardless of how you configure them, both trims of the Grand Touring come with some standard features for “incredible performance and luxury,” including:

  • Glass Canopy spanning windshield to roof
  • Elegant and intuitive Lucid UX with 34-inch floating Glass Cockpit and 5K resolution
  • Extensive over-the-air software update capability
  • DreamDrive Pro, Lucid’s advanced driver assistance system, with 30+ features and future-ready hardware, including the first automotive LIDAR in North America
  • 21-speaker Surreal Sound immersive audio system with Dolby Atmos compatibility
  • Intelligent Micro Lens Array LED Headlights, a solid-state system developed in-house by Lucid
  • Heated and ventilated 20-way adjustable seats that offer a relaxing selection of pneumatic and vibration massaging
  • Soft-close doors, power opening/closing trunk and frunk
  • Ultra-fast 900V+ charging system

Lucid says the Grand Touring aims to deliver “a world-class experience for drivers and passengers,” with the interior in particular designed to provide a premium luxury experience.

Lucid Motors is also gearing up for a European launch later this year, a move the company announced back in January.