Tesla Model S Turned into E-Hearse by Bristol Funeral Home

Photo: Bristol Post

Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) primarily come in just a few different models, but a new custom EV for transporting the deceased has emerged and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Funeral Director Stuart James Pilkington has debuted the funeral home’s new Tesla Wisper e-hearse, a fully-electric hearse in Warmley, South West England, according to the Bristol Post.

Adapted from a Tesla Model S, the Wisper e-hearse also includes recycled composite materials for the modified parts, making it an even more sustainable option.

In a statement, Pilkington said, “We are excited to be bringing our fully electric Tesla hearse to Bristol to offer dignified, elegant and environmentally friendly services for families and communities in the area.” Pilkington continued, “The way people choose to say goodbye is changing and those who have worked hard to reduce their carbon footprint in life, are also passionate about reducing their impact on the planet when they pass.”

The Wisper e-hearse is being used by the Co-op Funeralcare Funeral Home in Warmley, a community outside of Bristol in England.

Pilkington says the Tesla Wisper is available for use by families across Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and to locations as distant as Royal Wootton Basset in Wiltshire.