Nearly 300 Tesla Megapacks Spotted at Giga Nevada, and Model Y Crash Test Grave Yard [VIDEO]

Recent drone footage from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, shared to YouTube by Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt), showcases a record 293 Tesla Megapacks being prepared to go out for delivery from the facility.

The Megapack is a commercial-grade energy storage solution from Tesla that is typically deployed to solar farms and other large-scale electricity projects.

According to Merritt, the previous record for most Megapacks spotted at Giga Nevada was 241 units in December 2021. At the Megapack’s current listed price of $1.433 million USD per unit, the 293 Megapacks seen in the latest footage are worth around $420 million in total and represent a whopping 3,464 Model Ys worth of batteries.

The video shared by Merritt also briefly showcases the Tesla Semi factory at Giga Nevada. The Tesla Semi reportedly entered limited production in December 2021, and we got our first aerial look of Giga Nevada’s Semi production plant back in January.

Merritt also pointed to an “interesting” increase in crash test Model Y units at the facility, which he theorized is likely intended for testing of the company’s new structural battery pack.

Tesla is set to produce Model Ys with 4680 battery cells and structural battery packs at Gigafactory Texas, which is expected to go live soon.

Check out everything we’ve outlined above and more in the full video below:

YouTube video