Tesla Home Chargers Rank No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction, Says J.D. Power

Tesla’s home chargers received the highest satisfaction score on the J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) assessment, according to Automotive News.

The annual survey was shared on Thursday, and it asked EV owners about their satisfaction with home chargers based on eight pieces of criteria: reliability, ease-of-use, charger size, cable length, ease of storing/winding the cable, charging cost, charging speed and the fairness of the retail price.

Tesla outdid other chargers in seven out of the eight factors, not including the fairness of retail price category, as explained by Senior Director of Global Automotive at J.D. Power Brent Gruber.

Gruber said, “It may not be the cheapest, but it is the best performing.”

J.D. Power says Tesla had a satisfaction score of 797, which was 47 points above the Level 2 charger average, with ClipperCreek in second with 758 points.

The study found 188-point gap between portable Level 1 Chargers and mounted Level 2 chargers, and Gruber says he hopes buyers are upgrading to Level 2 chargers.

“A lot of these manufacturers are making really great Level 2 chargers, and we need to make sure people are taking advantage of that,” said Gruber.

Basic Level 1 chargers feature a 120-volt AC power, and usually offer users 4 or 5 miles of range every hour of charging.

Alternatively, Level 2 chargers use 240-volt AC power, adding 20 or 30 miles of range every hour of charging.

Last month, a J.D. Power survey also ranked the Tesla Model 3 as the premium electric vehicle (EV) that customers were most satisfied with.