Tesla Water Supply at Giga Berlin Awaits Crucial Court Decision in March

Tesla could be at risk of losing a water supply deal in Germany next week, as environmental groups advance on the automaker’s practices in a court case over water supply.

Frankfurt’s Oder administrative court is set to hear public criticism filed by local environmentalists on March 4, lodged against a water supply contract made by a utility company with Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin, according to Reuters.

Critics are claiming the Brandenburg Environmental Ministry did not perform sufficient checks prior to awarding a water supply deal to Wasserverband Strausberg-Erkner (WSE) utility company.

The court will make a decision on the day of the hearing — should the court favor the environmental group’s criticisms, WSE may have to surrender its previous contract with Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin.

In turn, Tesla would need to restart negotiations on sourcing a water supply deal, which may or may not turn out very many prospects following the court case.

The move would also push the opening of the Gigafactory Berlin back even further, with reports saying Tesla would start production at the Grünheide factory by mid-March at the very earliest.

In November, a December launch of Gigafactory Berlin was expected, with a report from just a few months earlier saying the first Tesla cars made in Germany would begin delivering in October.