Tesla’s Giga Texas Roof Confirmed to Spell ‘TESLA’ with Solar Panels [VIDEO]

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Earlier this month, it was posited that Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, was working on spelling out the company’s name on its roof, outlined by solar panels. 

The evidence looked clear at the time, but now we have visual confirmation of what it will look like, according to the newest drone footage of the Giga Texas site by Jeff Roberts.

YouTube video

From roughly the 9:30 mark in the video above, we can see the outline for the letter “E” from “TESLA”, as we see the curves of the letter being outlined in solar panels. Once the name “TESLA” is complete, it’ll be visible clearly from the skies.

Giga Texas has yet to receive certification for Model Y vehicles produced at the site, which have been spotted outside many times in the past weeks.

Tesla is set to hold a Giga Fest party at Giga Texas, set for April 7, 2022.