‘TESLA’ Lettering Set for Giga Texas Roof, Outlined by Solar Panels [VIDEO]

Tesla solar panels giga texas

Image via u/brandude87

It appears Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, is set to have the company’s name adorn its rooftop, outlined by solar panels.

According to Reddit user u/brandude87 earlier this week, the latter shared measurements based on a recent drone video that the automaker was set to outline its rooftop with the letters “T-E-S-L-A”.

Check out the images below:

Tesla roof

Tesla solar final

The Reddit user later said they were confident of their predictions, after seeing the latest drone flyover of Giga Texas.

“With the latest drone video (see my screenshot with overlay) from Joe Tegtmeyer, there should be no more question that we are looking at a visible “E” (in the Tesla font) being spelled out by the negative space of the installed rooftop solar racks and panels. Note both left and right beveled edges of the signature Tesla “E” are now visible by the placement of the solar racks and panels,” said u/brandude87.

Check out the flyover below from Tegtmeyer:

YouTube video

“From the video you can also clearly see that the “E” occupies one entire building section from wall to wall exactly (the third section from the north),” says the Reddit user. “As it turns out, there are exactly 8 of these sections, and I was able to determine the width (measured in “wall panels”) of each of the 8 sections by counting the “pillars” along the perimeter of the roof. I then overlaid the “TESLA” logo so that the “E” occupied the third section entirely, and from that we can determine exactly just how big this logo will be.”

The user says, “we can calculate that the logo will be approximately 3,337 feet by 467 feet once completed,” after using Google Earth measurements of the Giga Texas roof at 3,830 feet long by 1,130 feet wide.

“I believe the logo will be weighted down to the west as there are too many rooftop obstacles in the way to center the logo between east and west. Also, if you try to center the logo east to west, it does not line up with the rows of the “E” already under construction,” says the user.

After looking at the recent drone flyover, and the images above, it appears the name ‘Tesla’ will indeed appear on the rooftop of Giga Texas. Once complete, any airplanes flying over the factory will get a glimpse of ‘TESLA’ on the roof top, it seems.

Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Austin is set to start production of the first Model Y compact crossover SUVs with 4680 structural packs, soon.