Giga Berlin-Made Tesla Model Y Gets Close Up Look [VIDEO]

Photo: FlyBrandenburg

With Tesla potentially set to begin production at Gigafactory Berlin next month, the automaker has already started testing pre-production Model Y units, and one photographer and videographer has gotten some close-up shots of the vehicle.

@FlyBrandenburg shared close-up photos of the Berlin-built Model Y on Sunday, taken from a 4K drone video also shot by the drone videographer on Sunday.

The photos depict close-ups of a black Tesla Model Y, including shots of the door panels, handle and taillight.

As pointed out by some users in the thread, panel gaps can be seen in the Model Y’s body, though others also noted that the facility is still dialing in their builds and has not begun delivering vehicles yet.

In the video, a number of updates to the site can be seen, including major changes to the front of the factory’s main area.

The drone video circulates the site’s perimeter, culminating with the shots of the pre-production Model Y.

The video also shows brief shots of the vehicles’ casting and painting areas, as well as the upcoming battery factory area.

In addition, the video offers some good sweeping shots of Tesla’s graffiti-style science fiction art at the Berlin Gigafactory, in addition to several others.

YouTube video