Tesla Model S Plaid Battery Pack Teardown: ‘Engineering Masterpiece’ [VIDEO]



Photo: Munro Live

Tesla’s Model S Plaid is pretty unanimously the most impressive electric vehicle (EV) created to date, and a new video has surfaced taking an inside look at the vehicle’s structural battery pack.

Munro Live shared the first part of a teardown of the Tesla Model S Plaid battery pack on Wednesday.

In the video, Sandy Munro and Ben Lindamood take apart the battery pack, beginning with a heavy mica shield that’s bolted to a lower part of the structural pack’s steel frame.

Munro details the mica shield that has been added exclusively to the Model S Plaid’s frame, though he expresses not being entirely sure what benefit the shield was supposed to add.

Lindamood pointed out that China is passing several strict EV fire mitigation requirements, which is causing some companies to put added hardware into their vehicles.

After tearing the mica shield off, the two look at various pieces of hardware underneath, before moving on to the unit’s onboard charger and DC converter units.

The video concludes with Munro sharing his overall thoughts on the engineering of the battery pack, going on to say that “it’s impossible to ignore how much more effective and efficient this is over anything else we’ve seen.”

You can see Munro Live’s full coverage of the initial Model S Plaid battery teardown below.

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