Tesla Has Done ‘Extraordinary Things’ for Electric Vehicles, Says White House

Tesla times square board

Image via u/dappermarketer on Reddit

While President Joe Biden has yet to mention Tesla by name, the White House has acknowledged Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company.

According to Bloomberg, an unnamed person “familiar with the president’s thinking” says the reason Biden hasn’t mentioned Tesla, but only the likes of GM and Ford, is because unions are the basis of support with his political campaigns, including the likes of the United Auto Workers. Tesla, meanwhile, does not have unionized employees.

Late last month, the White House again seemingly snubbed Tesla and Musk, with Biden appearing with GM CEO Mary Barra, yet again, and praising the latter. Musk wasn’t happy about that and Tesla supporters have taken matters into their own hands.

A Change.org petition asking Biden to acknowledge Tesla’s EV efforts has now topped 47,000 signatures, growing 17% in one day.

Bloomberg’s story says some of the President’s aides say they hope he would warm up to Tesla. “Bums me out as a satisfied Tesla owner,” said one anonymously. Musk reacted to this passage of the Bloomberg story with a “sigh,” replying to @SawyerMerritt.

As for the White House? Spokeswoman Emilie Simons told Bloomberg in a statement, “Tesla has done extraordinary things for electric vehicles and that’s a big part of why the whole industry now knows EVs are the future.”

Simons added while Tesla has “benefited greatly” from electric vehicle tax credits in the past, she said it was unfortunate the company’s CEO “has suggested an opposition to new EV tax credits.”

Musk opposed Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which would have included EV tax credits, but an added bump for those buyers of EVs made by union workers; the proposal would benefit legacy union plants from the likes of GM, Ford and more, but exclude Tesla.

A picture was recently spotted in Times Square in New York City, of a screenshot of Musk’s recent tweet to Biden spelling out Tesla’s name, with a companion ad spot noting, “Just say it,” referring to Tesla and for the President to acknowledge the American automaker.

Tesla had a record Q4 and full-year 2021, delivering over 936,222 electric vehicles, made at its Fremont, California plant setting record production numbers.