Tesla’s Andrej Karpathy Seeks Deep Learning Engineers for AI Team

Tesla’s AI team is hiring for a number of Deep Learning and other Engineer roles, as announced by the automaker’s Director of Artificial Intelligence Andrej Karpathy on LinkedIn on Tuesday.

The positions listed on Karpathy’s post include a Deep Learning Engineer/Scientist, three different Software Engineers, a Backend Engineer and a Frontend Engineer.

The Deep Learning Engineer/Scientist position says that the candidate will focus on “deep learning models that advance the state of the art in perception and control for autonomous driving.”

According to Karpathy, the position will also use learned skills from Full Self-Driving (FSD) to apply to the Tesla Bot.

In the LinkedIn post, Karpathy said, “There is no other organization that vertically integrates, develops and deploys cutting edge robotics AI at this scale.” Karpathy continued, “Our goal is to improve the safety and comfort of driving along the way to automating transportation with Full Self-Driving. We are also applying everything we’ve learned to our humanoid robot ‘Tesla Bot’, which I believe is on track to become the most powerful AI development platform.”

Karpathy says those interested can message him directly on LinkedIn with their questions and resumés, with full time and intern roles available in Palo Alto, California.

Tesla also posted engineering positions for its Tesla Bot as early as August last year, alongside announcements that the company would be developing a prototype in 2022.