Tesla Completes 4 Semi Megacharger Installations at Giga Nevada

Tesla semi megachargers

Tesla has been busy at work at its Gigafactory in Nevada and has now completed an installation of four Semi Megachargers. 

These high-powered chargers can charge up to 1.5 megawatts (MW) and the progress of their construction has been followed closely, according to new images shared by @SawyerMerritt.

Tesla giga nevada jan 2022

According to Merritt’s observations, roughly 210 Tesla Megapacks were also spotted on the site, equivalent to about $291 million. Compared to the previous update back in December, which showed over 240 Megapacks on-site, it suggests Tesla has been shipping and delivering many of its larger commercial battery installations.

The new images were taken by drone pilot @6363dc, showing the large scale of Giga Nevada, home to the production of Tesla’s Powerwall, Powerpack, Megapack and electric vehicle batteries. Tesla will also be producing its Semi truck at Giga Nevada, which is said to be in limited production.

When Tesla shares its Q4 earnings on Wednesday, January 26, we will get an update on how the company’s battery storage business is doing, along with a company product roadmap update from Elon Musk.