Watch Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta 10.9 Take Unprotected Left Turns [VIDEO]

CleanShot 2022 01 22 at 12 00 44

Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta tester, Chuck Cook, has shared his latest video showcasing how FSD beta 10.9 handles unprotected left turns.

Cook is again testing unprotected left turns from the same location, as he has done so with previous FSD beta versions. His unique setup offers various vantage points, with a front camera mounted inside his car, plus a drone from the sky showing a bird’s eye view, along with an overlay of his Tesla’s screen showing visualizations.

His Tesla needs to first creep and scan three lanes, before heading to a median, then finishing the left turn onto three lanes as well. According to numerous tests performed by Cook, he believes the ‘creep’ is improving.

Part of Tesla’s FSD beta 10.9 release notes emphasized improvements for unprotected left turns. “Made unprotected left turns across oncoming lanes more natural by proceeding straight into intersection while yielding, before initiating the turn,” explained Tesla.

Tesla released the latest FSD beta back on January 17 to beta testers.