Tesla 2021.44.30.10 Rolling Out with FSD Beta 10.9 [Release Notes]

Fsd beta 10 9

Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.44.30.10 software update to employees, and it includes Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.9, according to @WholeMarsBlog.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.9 release notes are below, shared by @jereking23 in response to @WholeMarsBlog:

  • Improved intersection extents and right of way assignment by updating modeling of intersection areas from dense rasters (“bag of points) to sparse instances. Increased intersection region IOU by 4.2%. The sparse intersection network is the first model deployed with an auto-regressive architecture that runs natively with low latency on the TRIP Al accelerator chip, through innovations in the Al compiler stack.
  • Upgraded generalized static object network to use 10-bit photon count streams rather than 8-bit ISP tonemapped images by adding 10-bit inference support in the Al compiler stack. Improved overall recall by 3.9% and precision by 1.7%
  • Made unprotected left turns across oncoming lanes more natural by proceeding straight into intersection while yielding, before initiating the turn.
  • Improved lane preference and topology estimation by 1.2% with a network update and a new format for navigation clues.
  • Improved short deadline lane changes with better modeling of necessary deceleration for maneuvers beyond the lane change.
  • Improved future paths for objects not confined to lane geometry by better modelling of their kinematics.
  • Made launches from stop calmer when there is an imminent slowdown nearby.
  • Improved gap selection when yielding to a stream of oncoming cars on narrow roads.

Tesla should likely release FSD beta 10.9 to public beta testers soon and we’ll likely see how these changes above apply to real-life when videos appears on YouTube, stay tuned.