Tesla Model Y UK Test Drive: Hands-On First Impressions [VIDEO]

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Tesla is offering test drives of its Model Y compact crossover in the United Kingdom, and Mark Brown has provided some of his first impressions with the vehicle, which launched earlier this month.

According to Brown, an existing Model 3 Long Range owner, he says ride comfort is “very, very nice” and sound is similar to the Model 3, while he does favor the ride height of the Model Y.

The drive of the Model Y Long Range is “very similar” versus the Model 3 in terms of controls, including its steering. After giving the Model Y a test drive around, Brown says he now realizes the benefits of the car versus the Model 3, in particular for those with families and also need more storage space.

YouTube video

The Model Y Long Range starts at 54,990 GBP, while the Model 3 Long Range starts at 49,990 GBP. Tesla launched Model Y orders back in October in the UK.