First Drives: Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 10.9 [VIDEOS]

CleanShot 2022 01 17 at 22 39 08

Earlier this evening, Tesla started rolling out its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.9 for testers as part of the 2021.44.30.10 update, and now we’re seeing some first drives of the latest beta.

According to FSD beta 10.9 release notes, the system is supposed to improve left turns as part of improvements, so this was an area of focus by early videos. Check out some of the first videos below:

Dirty Tesla said on left turns the car wasn’t as hesitant as before, and made it smoother:

Here’s James Locke again with his reliable Test Loop 1 and Test Loop 2 routes with FSD beta 10.9:

Heres Whole Mars Catalog driving from Hotel Triton in San Francisco to Chinatown gate:

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley:

We should expect more first drives of FSD beta 10.9 soon, and we’ll update this post accordingly so check back soon. Overall, FSD beta 10.9 appears to be showing some incremental improvements, and hasn’t gotten worse, which is always a good sign.