SpaceX Successfully Launches Transporter-3 Mission with Falcon 9 [VIDEO]



Photo: SpaceX

SpaceX successfully launched the Transporter-3 Mission on Thursday, using the Falcon 9 booster to launch a total of 105 orbiting Spacecraft, as seen in a video shared on the SpaceX YouTube channel.

The launch took place on Thursday morning at the Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Force Station during a 29-minute launch window.

The company also held Friday as a backup launch opportunity, though the success of the launch means that SpaceX won’t need the extra launch window.

Following the launch, SpaceX plans to land the Falcon 9 rocket on Cape Canaveral’s Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1).

The Falcon 9 is a reusable rocket booster that has been used in the past for five Starlink satellite launches, and other missions Crew Demo-2, ANASIS-II and Transporter-1.

SpaceX is also planning to start using its Starship orbital spacecraft for its next-gen Starlink satellite launches, rather than using the Falcon 9 booster.

Last month, one graphic artist also rendered 100 of SpaceX’s successful booster landings between 2006 and 2021.

The Transporter-3 mission is SpaceX’s third ridesharing mission launch, this time featuring 105 different spacecraft including CubeSats, microsats, PocketQubes and orbital transfer vehicles, among others still.

You can watch SpaceX’s full Transporter-3 Mission launch using the Falcon 9 booster, and including the launch of a total of 105 different spacecraft below. We finally get to see a daytime landing of the Falcon 9 and it never gets old:

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