Here’s 100 SpaceX Booster Landings from 2006-2021 [GRAPHIC]

Spacex booster landings 100

3D artist rykllan (@_rykllan) has created and shared a graphic showing 100 successful SpaceX booster landings and 78 booster reflights, spanning from 2006-2021.

SpaceX hit the 100th booster landing milestone last week, when its Falcon 9 rocket sent a Dragon cargo ship with holiday gifts to the International Space Station (ISS).

The cool graphic covers 142 missions, 141 launches and details three rockets. You can click here to download the full-sized PNG at 5.4 MB. This image belongs on a framed print somewhere!

Back on October 24, 2020, SpaceX completed its 100th successful flight since Falcon 1 first flew to orbit in 2008, and shared a commemorative video. We may likely see a compilation video showing 100 successful booster landings soon as well.